"We are disrupting retail, targeted at students & parents, by producing low cost bundles and offers for this influential global community. Our model changes customer behaviour through partnering with retailers, educators and telecoms. Retail reinvented. #needtolive #lifeupgraded"


NeedToLive supports students and parents educational, entertainment and lifestyle needs. It focuses on supplying a better experience for the student, whilst working in conjunction with universities, student groups and retail partners.

NTL will offer discounts and unique bundles, where you can choose the products that suit your lifestyle needs. These will not only contain retail items, such as food, restaurants and entertainment, but also student experience components, such as presentation training, tutorials or even a book related to their course. You can pay for an individual item and/or a monthly subscription.

A platform where students and parents can find everything they need.


You can advise us of what products you want, which brands we should partner with, and you can get paid for this!

Discounts, Products & Promotions

We have a range of products to upgrade your life, plus we provide discounts and promotions to all your favourite stores.


Add products to bundles to help you save money!


Being a student or parent isn't easy, so we want to offer advice from professionals, and make this advice more accessible.


We have a simple to use, high tech website where you can shop, message, advice and get involved!

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Mobile App

We are creating a unique app on Android and IOS. With a simple user experience, you can use NeedToLive anytime, anywhere.

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Our Partners

Below are some of the great brands we work with:

Become An Agent

You can earn extra money by signing up national and local deals to our platform.

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Become A Supplier

We are always on the lookout for things that help students or parents. Whether it's a coffee or a piece of the latest tech, bedding or driving lessons. Anything that helps our target market - we want them on our site!

To apply send us an e-mail detailing your product/s and why they'd fit on our site and be helpful our users.

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